Quarks-2004 Proceedings


Quarks, Hadrons and QCD

B. L. Ioffe (PS, PDF)
Chiral phase transition in hadronic matter at non-zero baryon density
Yu. A. Simonov (PS, PDF)
Chiral Symmetry Breaking in QCD
Y. Hatta (PS, PDF)
Relation between the chiral and deconfinement phase transitions
A. A. Penin (PS, PDF)
Heavy Quarkonium Hyperfine Splitting in Nonrelativistic Renormalization Group
Y. Sumino (PS, PDF)
Perturbative QCD Potential and String Tension
A. A. Pivovarov (PS, PDF)
Computing non-factorizable pQCD corrections to hadronic B0 - B0bar mixing matrix element within sum rules technique for three point Green functions
A. Pineda (PS, PDF)
The Renormalization group in non-relativistic theories
D. Ebert, R. N. Faustov, V. O. Galkin, A. P. Martynenko ( PDF)
Masses and weak decay rates of doubly heavy baryons
N. N. Achasov (PS, PDF)
Problem of Light Scalar Mesons
A. M. Badalian (PS, PDF)
The vector coupling in IR region from splittings in bottomonium
V. B. Kopeliovich (PS, PDF)
Exotic baryons in topological soliton models
A. A. Abrikosov (PS, PDF)
Spectral Boundary Conditions in the Bag Model
B. I. Ermolaev, M. Greco, S. I. Troyan (PS, PDF)
Spin-dependent structure function g1 at small x
S. V. Mikhailov (PS, PDF)
Any order generalization of BLM procedure in QCD
V. A. Abramovsky, A. V. Dmitriev, A. A. Shneider (PS, PDF)
Diffractive processes at high energies
D. J. Broadhurst, A. L. Kataev, C. J. Maxwell (PS, PDF)
New aplication of the the large-Nc expansion: comparison of the Gottfried and Adler sum rules
E. N. Antonov, I. O. Cherednikov, L. N. Lipatov, E. A. Kuraev (PS, PDF)
Feynman rules for effective Regge action
V. I. Shevchenko, Yu. A. Simonov (PS, PDF)
Current correlators in QCD: OPE versus large distance dynamics
O. V. Pavlovsky (PS, PDF)
Random Lattice QCD and chiral effective theories
A. V. Leonidov (PS, PDF)
Color Glass Condensate in High Energy QCD
V. V. Skalozub, A. V. Strelchenko (PS, PDF)
On generation of Abelian magnetic fields in SU(3) gluodynamics at high temperature
A. V. Kovalenko, M. I. Polikarpov, S. N. Syritsyn, V. I. Zakharov (PS, PDF)
Two- and three-dimensional vacuum defects in SU(2) gluodynamics

Standard Model and Beyond

S. V. Demidov, D. S. Gorbunov (PS, PDF)
Search for Higgs boson and other neutral scalar particles in association with high energy jet at LHC
A. Vainshtein ( PDF)
Hadronic effects in the muon anomalous magnetic moment
C. D. Froggatt, L. V. Laperashvili, H. B. Nielsen ( PDF)
A New Bound State 6t + 6tbar and the Fundamental-Weak Scale Hierarchy in the Standard Model
E. A. Andriyash, G. G. Ovanesyan, M. I. Vysotsky (PS, PDF)
Difference of tilde{epsilon} and epsilon in fitting the partameters of CKM matrix
V. Berezinsky (PS, PDF)
Mirror matter and mirror neutrinos
A. Studenikin, A. Ternov (PS, PDF)
Generalized Dirac-Pauli equation and neutrino quantum states in matter
M. Kachelriess , R. Tomas ( PDF)
Identifying the neutrino mass hierarchy with supernova neutrinos
B. Bajc (PS, PDF)
Seesaw, Susy and SO(10)
E. Boos, V. Bunichev, A. Djouadi, H. J. Schreiber (PS, PDF)
MSSM Higgs Bosons in the Intense Coupling Regime
Yu. M. Andreev, S. I. Bityukov, N. V. Krasnikov (PS, PDF)
Sleptons at LHC(CMS)
D. S. Gorbunov (PS, PDF)
Hyperon physics with light sgoldstino
A. V. Gulov, V. V. Skalozub (PS, PDF)
Model-independent search for the Abelian Z' boson with the LEP2 data in the Bhabha process
P.Yu. Popov, A. D. Smirnov (PS, PDF)
Rare t-quark decays in the minimal four color symmetry model
P. Yu. Popov, A. V. Povarov, A. D. Smirnov (PS, PDF)
Decays of scalar leptoquarks and scalar gluons in the minimal four color symmetry model
P. Yu. Popov, A. D. Smirnov ( PDF)
Mass limits for chiral and scalar leptoquarks from K_L^0 -> (e +/-)(\mu +/-), B0 -> (e +/-)(\tau +/-) decays
A. A. Pankov (PS, PDF)
Search for and identification of indirect and direct graviton effects at LHC
S. Alexeyev, A. Barrau, J. Grain (PS, PDF)
Gauss-Bonnet black holes at the LHC: beyond the dimensionality of space
J.-M. Frere, M. V. Libanov, E. Ya. Nugaev, S. V Troitsky (PS, PDF)
Hierarchical fermionic mass pattern, LED and family number conservation
G. Cacciapaglia, C. Csaki, C. Grojean, J. Terning (PS, PDF)
Higgsless Models of ElectroWeak Symmetry Breaking

Field Theory, Gravity and Strings

A. A. Belavin, A. V. Litvinov (PS, PDF)
On correlation functions in perturbed minimal models
O. J. Rosten, T. R. Morris, S. Arnone (PS, PDF)
The Gauge Invariant ERG
I. Ziyatdinov (PS, PDF)
Parquet Approximation for Two--Matrix Model
G. B. Pivovarov (PS, PDF)
Gaussian Effective Potential in Light Front \phi^4, 1+1
I. Malakhov, P. Silaev, K. Sveshnikov (PS, PDF)
On the numerical method of Casimir energy renormalization in the presence of logarithmical divergencies
D. G. Levkov, S. M. Sibiryakov (PS, PDF)
Soliton production in high-energy collisions: a toy model
S. Yu. Vernov (PS, PDF)
From the Laurent-series Solutions to Elliptic Solutions of Nonintegrable systems
Y. Brihaye, B. Hartmann, T. Ioannidou, W. J. Zakrzewski (PS, PDF)
Harmonic Maps and Gravitating Monopoles and Skyrmions
B. Kleihaus, J. Kunz, Y. Shnir (PS)
Chains of Monopoles and Closed Vortices
V. I. Ritus (PS, PDF)
The symmetry, connecting the processes in 2- and 4-dimensional space-times, and the value \alpha_0 = 1/4\pi for the bare fine structure constant
A. V. Smilga (PS, PDF)
Younger sisters of the Seiberg--Witten effective theory
A. A. Dergachev, M. N. Mnatsakanova, Yu. S. Vernov (PS, PDF)
Spectral Properties and Irreducibility of the Field Operators Set in Noncommutative Quantum Field Theory
A. A. Slavnov (PS, PDF)
Noncommutative U(1) gauge model in axial gauge.
I. B. Samsonov (PS, PDF)
On Low-Energy Effective Action in N=3 Supersymmetric Gauge Theory
L. Chekhov (PS)
AdS/CFT correspondence and the sum over geometries
A. Mikhailov (PS, PDF)
Geometry of fast moving strings.
T. Tanaka (PS, PDF)
Gravity in the Braneworld and the AdS/CFT Correspondence
M. Gogberashvili, D. Singleton (PS, PDF)
Nonsingular Increasing Gravitational Potential for the Brane in 6D
A. A. Andrianov, V.A. Andrianov, P. Giacconi, R. Soldati (PS, PDF)
Localization of light particles on fermion-induced domain walls
E. Kohlprath, P. Vanhove (PS, PDF)
Localized gravity in non-compact superstring models
A. O. Barvinsky (PS, PDF)
Cosmological constant problem and long-distance modifications of Einstein theory
Yu. F. Pirogov (PS, PDF)
Space-time revisited

Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology

M. V. Chistyakov, D. A. Rumyantsev (PS, PDF)
Photon splitting in a strongly magnetized plasma
N. V. Mikheev, E. N. Narynskaya (PS, PDF)
Photon conversion into sterile neutrino \gamma -> \nu_s \nu_s via Z' bozon in a magnetized plasma
M. V. Sazhin, O. S. Khovanskaya, M. Capaccioli, G. Longo (PS, PDF)
Possible Observation of a Cosmic String
V. Berezinsky, V. Dokuchaev (PS, PDF)
High-energy neutrino from creating massive black hole
E. Babichev, V. Dokuchaev, Y. Eroshenko (PS, PDF)
Accretion of phantom energy onto black hole
V. Novikov (PS, PDF)
Optical activity of intergalactic space
K. A. Postnov (PS, PDF)
Gamma-ray Bursts and Hypernovae
M. I. Pravdin (PS, PDF)
Cosmic Ray Spectrum at Ultrahigh Energies
B. E. Stern, J. Poutanen (PS, PDF)
A "search for the real sample" method for a blind statistical test: Application to the origin of ultra-high energy cosmic rays
V. Berezinsky, V. Dokuchaev, Y. Eroshenko (PS, PDF)
Dark matter annihilation in small scale clumps
S. L. Dubovsky, D. S. Gorbunov, G. I. Rubtsov (PS, PDF)
Narrowing the window for millicharged particles by CMB anisotropy
V. B. Semikoz, D. D. Sokoloff (PS, PDF)
Lepton MHD and mean magnetic field generation by alpha- effect driven by neutrinos in early universe plasma
M. Porrati (PS, PDF)
Effective field theory approach to cosmological initial conditions: self-cosistency bounds and non-gaussianities


S. I. Bityukov, N. V. Krasnikov (PS, PDF)
Uncertainties in estimation of quality of planned experiments
F. W. Bopp, J. Ranft, R. Engel, S. Roesler (PS, PDF)
RHIC data and the multichain Monte Carlo DPMJET-III
V. N. Bolotov (PDF)
The Radiative Pion Decays. (History, present situation and possible future researches)
A. Bakulev (PS, PDF)
Pion distribution amplitude -- from theory to data (CELLO, CLEO, E-791, JLab F(pi))
Yu. Kudenko (PS, PDF)
Study of the Decay K^+ -> \pi ^+\nu\nu
G. Finocchiaro (PS, PDF)
Review of measurements of the angles of the CKM matrix from the BABAR experiment
M. Moch (PS, PDF)
b-Hadron Spectroscopy
T. Moa (PS, PDF)
B physics at LEP
E. Goudzovski (PS, PDF)
First results from NA48/2 experiment at CERN
A. Passeri (PS, PDF)
Recent results from the KLOE experiment at DAPHNE
R. Stefanski (PS, PDF)
A Select Overview of Neutrino Experiments
Zh.-A. Dzhilkibaev (PS, PDF)
The Baikal Neutrino Experiment: status and results
K. Shinozaki (PS, PDF)
AGASA Results
M. Giller (PS, PDF)
The Pierre Auger Observatory - what astrophysical problems is it going to solve ?
V. V. Nesvizhevsky
Investigation of the neutron quantum states in the gravitational field