Quarks-2002 Proceedings


Quarks, Hadrons and QCD

Nikita O. Agasian (PS, PDF)
Low temperature relations in QCD with light quarks
S. I. Alekhin (PS, PDF)
High twists and the NNLO QCD corrections in DIS
A. A. Andrianov, V. A. Andrianov and S. S. Afonin (PS, PDF)
QCD tests for Quasilocal Quark Model
A. E. Dorokhov and I. O. Cherednikov (PS, PDF)
Instanton Corrections to the Quark Form Factor
B. L. Ioffe (PS, PDF)
Distribution of valence quarks in hadrons in QCD: theoretical method of calculations
L. Jenkovszky and V. Magas (PS, PDF)
Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering and Experiments at the Jefferson Lab
Yu. S. Kalashnikova (PS, PDF)
Open Questions of Meson Spectroscopy: Lattice, Data, Phenomenology
D. J. Broadhurst and A. L. Kataev (PS, PDF)
Bjorken unpolarized and polarized sum rules: comparative analysis of large-$N_F$ expansions
B. O. Kerbikov (PS, PDF)
BCS-Bose Crossover in Color Superconductivity
K. Sveshnikov, Il. Malakhov, M. Khalili and S. Fedorov (PS, PDF)
Topological and non-topological solutions for the chiral bag model with constituent quarks
%qq+q Collaboration F. Farchioni, C. Gebert, I. Montvay and L. Scorzato (PS, PDF)
On the price of light quarks
O. V. Pavlovskii (PS, PDF)
Soliton solutions of Chiral Born-Infeld Theory and baryons
Yu. A. Simonov (PS, PDF)
New developments in nonperturbative QCD
Victor Novozhilov and Yuri Novozhilov (PS, PDF)
Color chiral solitons
A. A. Andrianov and D. Espriu (PS, PDF)
Hadronic string and chiral symmetry breaking

Electroweak Theory

B. I. Ermolaev, M. Greco, S. M. Oliveira and S. I. Troyan (PS, PDF)
Double-logarithmic (Sudakov) asymptotics in the theory of electroweak interactions
D. Espriu (PS, PDF)
Wave-function and CKM renormalization
A. V. Koshelkin (PS, PDF)
Dynamics of Bremsstrahlung Formation at Multiple Collisions in Matter
N. V. Mikheev and E. N. Narynskaya (PS, PDF)
Neutrino-electron processes in a dense plasma with the presence of an external magnetic field
Alexander Parkhomenko (PS, PDF)
$B \to \rho \gamma$ Decay in the Large Energy Effective Theory
A. V. Kuznetsov, N. V. Mikheev and D. A. Rumyantsev (PS, PDF)
General amplitude of the $n$ -- vertex one-loop process in a strong magnetic field

Field Theory, Gravity and Strings

Jurgen Baacke and Stefan Michalski (PS, PDF)
Nonequilibrium evolution in scalar $O(N)$ models with spontaneous symmetry breaking
Merab Gogberashvili (PS, PDF)
Brane Gravity from Bulk Vector Field
A. Gorsky (PS, PDF)
String/Gauge Correspondence; View from the High Energy Side
D. I. Kazakov (PS, PDF)
Ultraviolet Fixed Points in Gauge and SUSY Field Theories in Extra Dimensions
V. V. Kiselev (PS, PDF)
Quantum gravity as a consistent local field theory
Alexey Koshelev (PS, PDF)
Solutions of Vacuum Superstring Field Theory
Khazret S. Nirov and Alexander V. Razumov (PS, PDF)
Higher Symmetries of Toda Equations
A. A. Rosly and K. G. Selivanov (PS, PDF)
Helicity conservation in Born-Infeld theory
N. D. Lambert and I. Sachs (PS, PDF)
Tachyon Condensation in String Theory and Field Theory
O. Yu. Shvedov (PS, PDF)
Correspondence of States and Observables for BRST-BFV, Dirac and Refined Algebraic Quantizations of Constrained Systems
S. L. Dubovsky, V. A. Rubakov and S. M. Sibiryakov (PS, PDF)
Quasi-localized states on noncommutative solitons
M. Bordag and V. Skalozub (PS, PDF)
Effective expansion parameter near the phase transition temperature in the $O(N)$-model
Tigran Tchrakian (PS, PDF)
Gauge field systems in higher dimensions
S. Yu. Vernov (PS, PDF)
The Painleve Analysis and Solutions with Critical Points
G. Volkov (PS, PDF)
Universal Calabi-Yau Algebra: Towards an Unification of Complex Geometry
S. I. Blinnikov, L. B. Okun and M. I. Vysotsky (PS, PDF)
Relativity and $c/\sqrt{3}$

Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology

O. E. Kalashev (PS, PDF)
The theoretical predictions of Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Fluxes
E. Babichev and V. Dokuchaev (PS, PDF)
Fading of chiral strings loops to vortons
A. V. Kuznetsov and N. V. Mikheev (PS, PDF)
Could the process of neutrino photoproduction on nuclei, stimulated by a strong magnetic field, compete with URCA processes?
M. Masip (PS, PDF)
Cosmic Rays and New Physics at the TeV: the Neutrino-Nucleon Cross Section
E. V. Mikheeva (PS, PDF)
Lambda-inflation versus observations
D. V. Semikoz (PS, PDF)
Active neutrino oscillations in the early Universe
A. Kato, G. Munoz, D. Singleton and J. Dryzek (PS, PDF)
Electrons as quasi-bosons in magnetic white dwarfs
D. S. Gorbunov and S. V. Troitsky (PS, PDF)
Long-lived neutralino and ultra-high energy cosmic rays

Selected Topics in Experiment and Phenomenology

J. Chauveau (PS, PDF)
Experimental Results on $B$ mesons from the BABAR experiment
Janusz Chwastowski (PS, PDF)
Physics Results and Future Plans of the ZEUS Experiment
V. N. Gavrin (PS, PDF)
Measurment of the solar neutrino capture rate in SAGE
S. I. Bityukov and N. V. Krasnikov (PS, PDF)
LHC(CMS) SUSY discovery potential for nonuniversal gaugino and squark masses and the determination of the effective SUSY scale
A. A. Pankov (PS, PDF)
Model-independent analysis of four-fermion contact interaction at $e^+e^-$ collider
A. D. Smirnov (PS, PDF)
Bounds on scalar leptoquark and scalar gluon masses from current data on S, T, U
R. Tafirout (PS, PDF)
Neutral-Current and Day-Night Measurements from the Pure D$_2$O Phase in SNO