13th International Seminar on High Energy Physics

Pushkinskie Gory, Russia, May 24-30, 2004.

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We all meandered through our schooling
haphazard; so, to God be thanks,
it's easy, without too much fooling,
to pass for cultured in our ranks.

A. S. Pushkin
(trans. Ch. Johnston)

The Seminar is organized by the Division of Physical Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS.

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Topics covered:

  • Quantum chromodynamics
    • results of perturbation theory
    • nonperturbative methods at low energies
    • heavy quark physics
  • Physics beyond the Standard Model
    • predictions for colliders
    • rare processes
    • exotic theories, including extra dimensions
  • Physics of neutrino, neutrino oscillations
  • Modern field theory, including supersymmetric gauge theories and non-commutative field theories
  • Superstring theory
  • Physics under extremal conditions
  • Ultra-high energy cosmic rays
  • Selected experimental results

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