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Bulletin #2

1. Arrival to the Seminar

The conference will take place on 29 May - 4 June in the town of Pushkin, located 20km south of St. Petersburg. The seminar meetings will be held in park-hotel "Potemkin" (Krasnoselskoe Shosse 85, Pushkin, official site in Russian, Potemkin at There will be bus transfer available for participants from St. Petersburg "Glavniy" (also known as "Moskovskiy") railway station to the hotel on May 29th in the early afternoon and back in the evening of June 4th, after the closure of the seminar. Both of the departure times will be adjusted to summer schedule of Sapsan trains.

We recommend you to reserve some time and to plan your arrival to St. Petersburg on May 29th or earlier, and correspondingly departure on June 4th or later. If you need a hotel in St. Petersburg, please book it yourself (you may use, for example,

2. Accommodation in Pushkin

We assume that most of the participants will live in park-hotel "Potemkin". Note that the participants should not book a room there themselves, as it is already reserved for our seminar.

Unfortunately, we have limited amount of rooms at our disposal, so that we kindly ask all of the participants (registered before 2 March 2016) to fill in the acomodation form on the site of the seminar - this information will help us to make sure that we do not exeed our limits.

There are a lot of other hotels in Pushkin, and participants are, of course, free to choose any of them. If you will take care of your accommodation yourself, please, state it in the accomodation form. You may find hotels in Pushkin at booking. com, TripAdvisor and (links are adjusted to hotels in Pushkin).

3. Prices

We have several pricing options at the hotel in Pushkin: Full board includes 6 nights in Pushkin with breakfast, lunch and dinner. For shorter/longer stay, the prices reduce/increase proportionally. All guests of "Potemkin" may use a swimming pool inside a hotel for free. Unless other options are requested, we assume that a participant with accompanying person will be accommodated in a double room.

Credits cards are accepted at the hotel, while the conference fee should be paid in cash.

We may have a possibility to support some of the participants of "Quarks-2016". To request the support, please, send us a corresponding e-mail (to or, stating that you are asking for a support. We will contact you on that issue as soon as we understand our possibilities.

4. Preparations and work of the seminar

If you haven't registered yet, please, fill in the application form.

If you need visa and we have not contacted you on that issue, please, send us an e-mail ( or

Each day, except for the day of arrival and departure, there will be one plenary and 3 section sessions. On exceptional days there will be plenary sessions only.

5. Money

Money exchange (US dollars and Euro) is possible in various banks in Pushkin and St. Petersburg. Though currencies other than US dollars and Euro can be exchanged in most of the banks, the rates may be unfavourable. The conference fee may be paid in Euro, US dollars or Roubles, according to exchange rates. For the conference fee payment we do not accept credit cards or travelers checks. For the accommodation fee the hotel staff accept credit cards.

6. Weather

Usually the weather in the beginning of June is warm (+15 to +25 degrees Celsius) and sunny, but some cool (+10) and rainy days are still possible. It may be windy. You can find weather forecast for Pushkin at the Gismeteo website: weather in Pushkin

7. Social program

Social program of the Seminar includes excursion and conference dinner.

9. Paying in advance

Russian participants have a possibility to pay for accommodation in park-hotel "Potemkin" in advance. For that purpose you should make a payment in any bank according to a receipt, which you can find on the site of the seminar under "Receipt and agreement examples" .

Institutions may cover the cost of accommodation as well as conference fee for their employees by forming an agreement between institution and INR RAS. An example of an agreement you can find on the same page .

If you have a possibility to pay in advance, we kindly ask you to do so.

10. Useful links

Pushkin on Google Maps: Pushkin map

The map of St. Petersburg Metro: Metro map

Weather in Pushkin