XXth International Seminar on High Energy Physics

Valday, Russia, 27 May - 2 June, 2018.

The Seminar is organized by the Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.


  • Physics beyond the Standard Model
    (rare processes, Higgs phenomenology, exotica)
  • Cosmology and astroparticle physics
  • Gravity and its modifications
  • Neutrino oscillations
  • Quantum chromodynamics, strong interactions
  • Aspects of mathematical physics
  • Selected experimental results

with heated discussions on

  • Axion-like and ultra-light dark matter
  • GW astronomy
  • AdS/CFT phenomenology
  • Alternatives to inflation
  • New anomalies in the LHC data
  • Lorentz and NEC violation, ghosts, etc.
Valday Lake

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