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Bulletin #1

International Seminar "Quarks-2018" will take place in Valdai, a small town near Novgorod the Great, Russia, from May 27 to June 2, 2018. Accommodation of the participants and conference meetings will be organised in the hotel "Valday" at the shore of Uzhin lake, two hours by fast train from Moscow or St. Petersburg. We plan to reserve time to visit Novgorod the Great with a guided tour to its Kremlin and historic monuments.

"Quarks-2018" is the jubilee twentieth in the series of seminars taking place biennially since 1980 in various historical and cultural places of Russia; the previous seminar, "Quarks-2016", was held in Pushkin.

This year the Seminar is co-organized by the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna).

Despite of the Seminar's traditional name, the program of "Quarks-2018" is fairly broad, it includes plenary sessions, section meetings and informal discussions on

Besides, this year we expect heated discussions on selected topics, such as

We expect about 180 physicists to participate in the Seminar.

Generally, we will be unable to take care of travel and local expenses of the participants, though we will apply for funds and hope to cover local expenses to a limited number of people.

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