Quarks-2006 Proceedings


Quarks, Hadrons and QCD

Larry McLerran (PS, PDF)
The high energy limit of QCD
Dmitri Diakonov (PS, PDF)
The narrow pentaquark
V. B. Kopeliovich, B. M. A. G. Piette, W. J. Zakrzewski (PS, PDF)
Mass terms in the Skyrme model
N.N. Achasov (PS, PDF)
Properties of the light scalar mesons face experimental data
A. M. Shunderuk (PS, PDF)
Pentaquarks as chiral solitons and as multiquarks states
Steffen Krusch (PS, PDF)
Quantization of Skyrmions
E. A. Kuraev (PS, PDF)
Some application of Reggeon Lagrangian
A. A. Abrikosov, jr., A. Wipf (PS, PDF)
The integral form of APS boundary conditions in the Bag model
D. Ebert, R. N. Faustov, V. O. Galkin (PS, PDF)
Relativistic description of heavy tetraquarks
V. I. Shevchenko (PS, PDF)
Selected applications of covariant perturbation theory
G. V. Efimov (PS, PDF)
QCD vacuum, confinement, meson masses
I. O. Cherednikov, U. D'Alesio, N. I. Kochelev, F. Murgia (PS, PDF)
Instanton contributions to the Sivers function: Single-Spin Asymmetries in SIDIS
V. I. Zakharov (PS, PDF)
Shrinking fermionic modes on the lattice and in the continuum
I. M. Narodetskii, M. A. Trusov, A. I. Veselov (PS, PDF)
Inclusive pentaquark and strange baryons production in $ and $\Sigma p$ collisions at high energy
V. A. Saleev, D. V. Vasin (PS, PDF)
Heavy quarkonium production in the Regge limit of quantum chromodynamics
B. I. Ermolaev, M. Greco, S.I. Troyan (PS, PDF)
Total resummaion of leading logarithms vs standard description of the Polarized DIS
Victor Novozhilov, Yuru Novozhilov (PS, PDF)
Color bosonization: definition of effective action and decomposition of the QCD gauge field
V. A. Franke, S. A. Paston, E. V. Prokhvatilov (PS, PDF)
QED(1+1) on the light front and its implications for semiphenomenological methods in QCD(3+1)
A. V. Bogdan, R. N. Lee (PS, PDF)
Two-loop vertex integrals in general kinematics
M. A. Braun (PS, PDF)
Nucleus-nucleus scattering in the perturbative QCD
B. Kerbikov (PS, PDF)
Crossover, fluctuation phenomena and Anderson transition at the onset of quark matter phase
N. Gromov (PS, PDF)
Fermionic and bosonic determinants in QCD at finite temperature
N. Gromov and S. Slizovskiy (PS, PDF)
Fermionic determinant for the SU(N) caloron with nontrivial holonomy
D. V. Shirkov, A. V. Zayakin (PS, PDF)
Practical manual in analytic perturbation theory and Upsilon decay analysis
A. B. Arbuzov, E. S. Scherbakova (PS, PDF)
Application of QCD structure function method to calculate of NLO corrections to Bhabha scattering. (I) Soft and Virtual photons

Standard Model and Beyond

M. I. Vysotsky (PS, PDF)
\to \pi \pi$ decays: branching ratios and CP asymmetries
A. V. Povarov (PS, PDF)
Scalar leptoquark contributions into the magnetic moment of neutrino in the minimal model with the four-color symmetry
V. T. Kim (PS, PDF)
Diffractive Higgs boson production at LHC
S. N. Gninenko, M. M. Kirsanov, N. V. Krasnikov, V. A. Matveev (PS, PDF)
Detection of heavy Majorana neutrinos and right-handed bosons
A. A. Pankov, A. V. Tsytrinov (PS, PDF)
Searching for and Distinguishing New Physics Scenarios at e+,e- Colliders
A. Ali, A. Parkhomenko (PS, PDF)
B --> (\rho, \omega) \gamma Decays and CKM Phenomenology
M. V. Sidorova (PS, PDF)
Rare meson decays in R-parity-violating SUSY theories
A. D. Smirnov (PS, PDF)
On mass limits for leptoquarks from K_L^0 --> e^{\mp} \mu^{\pm} , B^0 --> l^+_i l^-_j decays
B. Bajc (PS, PDF)
Realistic renormalizable SO(10)
F. Nesti (PS, PDF)
Fermion masses at intermediate $\tb$: unification of Yukawa determinants
S. V. Demidov, D. S. Gorbunov (PS, PDF)
Nonminimal split SUSY
S. A. Shinkevich, A. I. Studenikin (PS, PDF)
Relativistic theory of inverse beta-decay of polarized neutron in strong magnetic field
A. Grigoriev, A. Lobanov, A. Studenikin, A. Ternov (PS, PDF)
Spin light of neutrino in matter: a new type of electromagnetic radiation
A. V. Kuznetsov, N. V. Mikheev (PS, PDF)
Neutrino dispersion in external magnetic field and plasma
A. V. Kuznetsov, N. V. Mikheev (PS, PDF)
Neutrino chirality flip in a supernova and the bound on the neutrino magnetic moment
A. A. Gvozdev, I. S. Ognev (PS, PDF)
Neutrino heating of a shock wave within magnetorotational model
J. L. Chkareuli (PS, PDF)
Massless and massive vector Goldstone bosons in nonlinear quantum electrodynamics

Field Theory, Gravity and Strings

T. Gherghetta (PS, PDF)
Emergent 4D gravity
I. Ya. Aref'eva (PS, PDF)
Superstrings and cosmological dark energy
I. B. Samsonov (PS, PDF)
Low-energy effective action in non-anticommutative charged hypermultiplet model
C. Delaunay, C. Grojean, G. Servant (PS, PDF)
The Higgs in the sky: production of gravitational waves during a first order phase transition
A. V. Kotikov, L. N. Lipatov, A. I. Onishchenko, V. N. Velizhanin (PS, PDF)
Anomalous dimensions of twist-2 operators and Pomeron in the N=4 supersymmetric gauge theory
A. Gorsky and A. Rosly (PS, PDF)
Yang-Mills on the light cone and beyond
Shinji Mukohyama (PS, PDF)
Gravity in a Higgs phase
K. Koyama (PS, PDF)
Modified gravity alternative to dark energy
T. Tanaka,K. Izumi,K. Koyama (PS, PDF)
Ghost in the accelerating universe
V. V. Kozlov, I. V. Volovich (PS, PDF)
Mass spectrum, actons and cosmological landscape
M. Chaichian, M. N. Mnatsakanova, A. Tureanu, Yu. S. Vernov (PS, PDF)
Generalized Haag's theorem in O (1,1)$ and O (1,3)$ invariant quantum field theory
A. A. Belavin, Al. B. Zamolodchikov (PS, PDF)
Higher equations of motion in N=1 SUSY Liouville field theory
D. G. C. McKeon (PS, PDF)
Using the renormalization group
Valery N. Marachevsky (PS, PDF)
Casimir energy of two plates inside a cylinder.
V. Vereshagin, K. Semenov-Tian-Shansky, A. Vereshagin (PS, PDF)
Effective theories: aspects of renormalization
S.O.Alexeyev, N.N.Popov, T.S.Strunina, A.Barrau, J.Grain (PS, PDF)
Black hole solutions in >4$ Gauss-Bonnet Gravity
I. L. Buchbinder, V. A. Krykhtin (PS, PDF)
BRST approach to higher spin field theories
Ya. M. Shnir (PS, PDF)
Self-dual and non-self dual axially symmetric caloron solutions in (2)$ Yang-Mills theory
D. V. Nesterov, A. O. Barvinsky (PS, PDF)
Quantum effective action in spacetimes with branes: calculational peculiarities
A. A. Andrianov, V. A. Andrianov (PS, PDF)
Induced gravity and Universe generation on domain walls in five-dimensional space-time
A. S. Mikhailov, Yu. S. Mikhailov, M. N. Smolyakov, I. P. Volobuev (PS, PDF)
A stabilized brane world in five-dimensional Brans-Dicke theory
T. N. Tomaras (PS, PDF)
Brane-bulk energy exchange and the Universe as a global attractor
Yu. F. Pirogov (PS, PDF)
Violating general covariance
V. D. Ivashchuk, V. N. Melnikov, D. Singleton (PS, PDF)
Avoiding cosmological chaos with hBcbranes

Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology

V. S. Berezinsky, V. I. Dokuchaev and Yu. N. Eroshenko (PS, PDF)
Dark matter annihilation in the Galaxy
A. F. Zakharov (PS, PDF)
Measuring the parameters of supermassive black holes from space
V. N. Strokov (PS, PDF)
Lagrangian formalism in the cosmological perturbation theory
M. V. Chistyakov, D. A. Rumyantsev (PS, PDF)
The Compton effect in strongly magnetized plasma
A. I. Zhuk (PS, PDF)
Conventional cosmology from multidimensional models
S. B. Popov, D. Blaschke, H. Grigorian, B. Posselt (PS, PDF)
Astronomy meets QCD: cooling constraints for the theories of internal structure of compact objects
A. O. Barvinsky, A. Yu. Kamenshchik (PS, PDF)
Creation from nothing revisited: landscape from cosmological bootstrap
W. Buchmuller, J. Jaeckel (PS, PDF)
Entropy growth and the dark energy equation of state
G. B. Thomson (PS, PDF)
Observation of the GZK cutoff by the HiRes experiment
M. I. Pravdin et al. (PS, PDF)
Giant air shower properties and the problem of primary particle energy estimation
L. G. Dedenko, D. A. Podgrudkov, G.P. Shoziyoev, T. M. Roganova, G. F. Fedorova, E. Ju. Fedunin (PS, PDF)
Various approaches of energy estimation of giant air showers
S. Yu. Vernov (PS, PDF)
Crossing the cosmological constant barrier in string inspired models


T.A.-Kh. Aushev (PS, PDF)
Recent results from the Belle experiment
S. Balev (PS, PDF)
Search for direct CP-violation in K-->pipi0pi0 decays
V. N. Bolotov (PS, PDF)
Study of rare decay with P326 experiment at CERN SPS
V.A. Duk (PS, PDF)
Study of Radiative Decay K -> mu-,nu,gamma at ISTRA+ Setup
S.A. Akimenko et al. (PS, PDF)
Study of K --> e-\pi-\nu-\gamma decay with ISTRA+
C. L. Naumann (PS, PDF)
Current status of the {\sc Antares
F. Mauger (PS, PDF)
Neutrinoless double beta decay and the NEMO experiments
H. Zheng (PS, PDF)
First MINOS beam results