Quarks-2014 Proceedings


Quantum Field Theory

J.M. Frere, M.V. Libanov, S. Mollet (PS, PDF)
4D CP violation from pure gauge in six dimensions
O. O. Novikov, A.A. Andrianov, V.A. Andrianov (PS, PDF)
Localization on a thick brane in the presence of defect
I. Alikhanov (PS, PDF)
The Glashow resonance in neutrino--photon scattering
A. B. Arbuzov (PS, PDF)
Spontaneous radiatively induced breaking of conformal invariance in the Standard Model
I.E. Gulamov, E.Ya. Nugaev, M.N. Smolyakov (PS, PDF)
Some general properties of U(1) gauged Q-balls
I.E. Gulamov, E.Ya. Nugaev, M.N. Smolyakov (PS, PDF)
Linearized solutions for U(1) gauged Q-balls
A. V. Bednyakov (PS, PDF)
Three-loop SM RGEs with general Yukawa matrices
A. L. Pismenskii (PS, PDF)
Scaling violation in logarithmic dimensions in massless scalar quantum field theories.
E. Akhmedov, A. Kartavtsev, M. Lindner, L. Michaels, J. Smirnov (PS, PDF)
Improving electroweak fit with TeV-scale sterile neutrinos
B.A. Arbuzov (PS, PDF)
On a possibility to calculate mass ratios of fundamental fermions and the fine structure constant in the compensation approach
D.S. Ageev (PS, PDF)
Holography of Wilson loops in rotating black holes
A. L. Kataev, K. V. Stepanyantz (PS, PDF)
Construction of the NSVZ scheme for Abelian supersymmetric theories, regularized by higher derivatives
K.G. Klimenko, R.N. Zhokhov (PS, PDF)
Magnetic catalysis effect in the (2+1)-dimensional Gross--Neveu model with Zeeman interaction
L. N. Lipatov (PS, PDF)
High energy production amplitudes in =4$ SUSY and unitarity
Dmitri Bykov (PS, PDF)
Ricci-flat metrics on cones over toric complex surfaces
A. A. Reshetnyak (PS, PDF)
On Consistent Lagrangian Quantization of Yang--Mills Theories without Gribov Copies


N.N. Achasov, A.V. Kiselev, A.A. Kozhevnikov, E.V. Rogozina (PS, PDF)
Four problems for the -\tau$, $ and super- -\tau$, $ factories
V. A. Duk for the NA62 collaboration (PS, PDF)
Study of the rare decay ^+\to\pi^+\gamma\gamma$ at the NA62 experiment
A. T. Shaikhiev (PS, PDF)
Search for heavy neutrino in kaon decays
A.N. Skachkova (PS, PDF)
Perspectives of study of direct photon production process at FAIR energy.
E. Tomasi-Gustafsson (PS, PDF)
Antiproton Physics with PANDA at FAIR
A. V. Tsytrinov, A. A. Pankov (PS, PDF)
Spin identification of Higgs boson in diphoton production at the Large hadron collider.
V.V. Nesvizhevsky (PS, PDF)
Diamond nano-powders: a new type of neutron reflectors. Will it lead to a new generation of slow-neutron sources?
A. V. Bagulya, L. A. Goncharova, G. V. Kalinina, N. S. Konovalova, N. M. Okat'eva, T.A. Pavlova, N. G. Polukhina, N. I. Starkov, Tan Naing Soe (PS, PDF)
Search for superheavy elements in galactic cosmic rays
J.N. Matthews (PS, PDF)
The Telescope Array
Yu. G. Kudenko (for the T2K Collaboration) (PS, PDF)
T2K experiment: results and prospects
Gonzalo Parente (PS, PDF)
Astroparticles at the High Energy Frontier: Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
Oleg Kouznetsov (PDF)
The COMPASS experiment at CERN
O. M. Kouznetsov, I. A. Savin (PDF)
Spin Physics Experiments at NICA-SPD with polarized proton and deuteron beams.

Gravity and Cosmology

Valeri P. Frolov (PS, PDF)
Do Black Holes Exist?
Victor Berezin (PS, PDF)
Some notes on the phenomenological description of particle creation and its influence on the space-time metrics
Peter G. Tinyakov, Federico R. Urban (PS, PDF)
Occupy magnetogenesis
E.V. Arbuzova, A.D. Dolgov (PS, PDF)
Cosmic Antigravity
K. A. Rannu, S.O. Alexeev, P.I. Dyadina (PS, PDF)
Post-Newtonian limits for brane-world model
P. I. Dyadina, B. N. Latosh, S. O. Alexeyev (PS, PDF)
On evaporation of Randall-Sundrum black holes
P. A. Klimai, E. V. Bugaev (PS, PDF)
Primordial black hole constraints on some models of dissipative inflation
D. M. Chirkov, S. A. Pavluchenko, A. V. Toporensky (PS, PDF)
Exact exponential solutions in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet flat anisotropic cosmology


A. V. Kuznetsov, D. A. Rumyantsev, V. N. Savin (PS, PDF)
Neutrino production of electron-positron pairs at excited Landau levels in a strong magnetic field
M. V. Chistyakov, A. V. Kuznetsov, N. V. Mikheev, D. A. Rumyantsev, D. M. Shlenev (PS, PDF)
Neutrino photoproduction on electron in dense magnetized medium
M. S. Dvornikov and V. B. Semikoz (PS, PDF)
Instability of magnetic fields in relativistic plasmas driven by neutrino asymmetries
A. D. Dolgov (PS, PDF)
Stars older than the universe and possible mechanism of their creation
K. A. Postnov, N. K. Porayko (PS, PDF)
Pulsar timing constraints on narrow-band stochastic signals
M. V. Sazhin, M.N. Siverskiy, V.E. Zharov, V.N. Sementsov, O.S. Sazhina (PS, PDF)
Apparent motion of the ICRF sources
O. S. Sazhina, D. Scognamiglio, M. V. Sazhin (PS, PDF)
Observational constraints on the types of cosmic strings
M. S. Pshirkov, G. I. Rubtsov (PS, PDF)
Gamma-ray transients as seen by the Fermi LAT
M. S. Piskunov, G. I. Rubtsov (PS, PDF)
Time Stretching of the GeV Emission of GRBs: Fermi LAT data vs geometrical model
L. G. Dedenko, G. F. Fedorova, T. M. Roganova (PS, PDF)
Testing high energy cosmic ray interaction models with the atmospheric muon data

Quantum Chromodynamics, Strong Interactions

T. Kalaydzhyan (PS, PDF)
Chiral Superfluidity for QCD
M.A.Nefedov, V.A.Saleev, A.V.Shipilova (PS, PDF)
Dijet azimuthal decorrelations at the LHC in the parton Reggeization approach
A. A. Pivovarov (PS, PDF)
NLO accuracy for power terms in inclusive decays of heavy flavor particles
I. O. Cherednikov, T. Mertens (PS, PDF)
Light-Like Wilson Loops in the Generalized Loop Space Setting
L. Jenkovsky, D. Himics, H. B\'an (PS, PDF)
Vector meson production at HERA and at the LHC
Ya. M. Shnir (PS, PDF)
Isorotating knots and baby Skyrmions
R. A. Battye, M. Haberichter, S. Krusch (PS, PDF)
Isospinning Skyrmions
V. V. Braguta, M. N. Chernodub, V. A. Goy, K. Landsteiner, A. V. Molochkov, M. Ulybyshev (PS, PDF)
Study of axial magnetic effect in SU(2) QCD
V. B. Kopeliovich, G. K. Matushko, I. K. Potashnikova (PS, PDF)
'Buddha's light' of cumulative particles