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Bulletin #2

1. Arrival to the Seminar

The conference will be held in the town of Suzdal. There will be bus transfer available for participants from Vladimir rail station to the hotel. Departure from Vladimir to conference place is approximately 13.15 June 2; departure from the hotel back to Vladimir is afternoon June 8. The trip from Vladimir to the hotel is about 30-40 min. We assume that participants travel to Vladimir by themselves. We recommend the train #732H from the Kursk railway station in Moscow. It leaves Moscow at 11.00 and reaches Vladimir at 12.45. We will meet participants in Vladimir on the platform. For the return trip we recommend the train #703H at 16.52, which reaches Moscow at 18.40 or train #733H at 18:42, that reaches Moscow at 20:30 (the latter train is much cheaper).. Please note that you need some time to buy tickets. You can book a ticket through the web site: or

If you want to reach the conference place yourself we recommend you to use a train from Moscow to Vladimir due to huge traffic jams on a road. You can reach Suzdal by a local bus. The timetable (in Russian) is avaliable at Timetable

Web-site of the hotel

We recommend you to reserve some time and to plan your arrival to Moscow on June 1 or earlier, and correspondingly departure on June 9 or later.

The most convenient transport in Moscow is Metro; The map of Moscow Metro: Metro you can access the Circle line ("Kol'tsevaya line", brown color) by the Aeroexpress train from any international airport of Moscow. The Aeroexpress train: Aeroexpress

2. Where to stay in Moscow

Please, book the hotel yourself.

We list below a few hotels that combine reasonable prices with convenient locations:

In order to find more hotels you can use special web-sites like or

3. Prices

We have two pricing options at the hotel in Suzdal: These assume 6 nights in Suzdal; for shorter/longer stay, the prices reduce/increase proportionally. Unless other options are requested, we assume that a participant with accompanying person will be accomodated in a double room, with total cost of 25 980 Roubles per 2 persons (assuming 6 nights in Suzdal). The prices above do not include conference fee -- 1000 Roubles per participant.

4. Money

Money exchange (US dollars and Euro) is possible in various banks in Moscow and Suzdal. 1 USD is equal to approximately 35 Roubles, 1 Euro ~ 49 Roubles. Though currencies other than US dollars and Euro can be exchanged in some banks, the rates are unfavourable. The conference fee may be paid in Euro, US dollars or Roubles, according to exchange rates. For the conference fee payment we do not accept credit cards or travellers checks. For the accomodation fee the hotel staff accept credit cards.

5. Weather

Weather Usually the weather in the beginning of June is warm (+15 to +25 degrees Celsius) and sunny, but some cool (+10) and rainy days are still possible. It may be windy. You can find weather forecast for Suzdal at the Gismeteo website. Weather in Suzdal

6. Social program

Social program of the Seminar includes excursion in Suzdal (June 4, morning) The conference dinner will take place on June 5.

7. Trip assignments (for Russian Participants)

Trip assignments ("komandirovochnye udostoverenya") should be issued for INR RAS organization ("IYaI RAN").

8. Useful links

Suzdal on Google Maps:

The map of Moscow Metro:

The Aeroexpress train:

Weather in Suzdal:

Rail tickets search engine/rail tickets book service:

Vladimir-Suzdal bus schedule (in russian):