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Bulletin #1

The International Seminar "Quarks-2014" is organized by the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences on June 2-8, 2014. "Quarks-2014" is the eighteenth in the series of seminars taking place biennially since 1980 in the Soviet Union and since 1992 in various historical and cultural places of Russia; the previous seminar, "Quarks-2012", was held in Yaroslavl.

The coming Seminar will take place near Suzdal, about 250km east of Moscow.

We plan to reserve time to visit the town with a guided tour of its historic monuments. We are sure you will appreciate one of the most beautiful places in Russia.

Despite of the Seminar's traditional name, the program of "Quarks-2014" is fairly broad and includes plenary sessions, meetings at sections and informal discussions on various problems of quantum field theory and particle physics, including:

We expect that about 150 physicists will participate in the Seminar.

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