Preliminary Program

of 12th International Seminar on High Energy Physics QUARKS'2002
Novgorod, Russia, June 1-7, 2002.

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Saturday, June 1

Plenary Session. 15:00

  1. Opening - 30min
  2. J. Chauveau. Experimental results on B mesons from the BABAR experiment - 40min
  3. B. Shwartz. The BELLE experiment status and recent results - 40min
  4. Yu. Kudenko. TBA - 40min

    Coffee Break. 17:30 -- 17:50

  5. R. Barbieri. Electroweak symmetry breaking by a compact extra dimension - 40min
  6. V. Novikov. Mass of the Higgs versus fourth generation masses - 40min
  7. G. Senjanovic. Supersymmetry, unification and proton decay - 40min
  8. W. Buchmuller. Gauge unification in six dimensions - 40min

Sunday, June 2

Plenary Session. 10:00

  1. M. Teshima. The Ultra high energy cosmic rays - 40min
  2. V. Kuzmin. UHECR and superheavy particles - 30min
  3. I. Tkachev. Identification of UHECR sources - 30min

    Coffee Break. 11:40 -- 12:00

  4. A. Ringwald. Cosmic neutrinos and physics beyond the Standard Model - 30min
  5. V. Lukash. The Modern Model of the Universe - 30min
  6. A. Dolgov. Neutrinos in the early Universe - 30min

Parallel Section 1. 15:30

  1. Yu. Novozhilov. Colour chiral solitons in low-energy QCD - 25min
  2. A. Andrianov. Hadronic string and chiral symmetry breaking - 25min
  3. J. Soto. QCD predictions for heavy quarkonium decays - 25min
  4. L. Jenkovszky. Quark-hadron duality: past and present - 25min
  5. M. Khalili. Chiral bag model with constituent quarks - 20min

    Coffee Break. 17:30 -- 17:50

  6. K. Zyablyuk. Gluonic condensate in QCD sum rules with 3-loop corrections - 20min
  7. V. Andrianov. QCD tests for Quasilocal Quark Models - 20min
  8. A. Parkhomenko. $B \to \rho \gamma$ decay in the Large Energy Effective Theory - 20min
  9. A. Pivovarov. Determination of the strong coupling constant from tau decays - 20min
  10. V. Mitrjushkin. Gluon propagators in SU(2) lattice gauge theory - 25min
  11. O. Borisenko. Plaquette formulation of lattice gauge models, monopoles and confinement - 20min

Parallel Section 2. 15:30

  1. R. Metsaev. IIB Green-Schwarz superstring in plane wave - 20min
  2. A. Rosly. Helicity conservation in Born-Infeld theory - 20min
  3. A. Koshelev. Solutions of vacuum string field theory - 25min
  4. O. Shaynkman. The realization of 3d conformal higher spin symmetry algebra at the 2+1 dimmensional matter fields - 20min
  5. G. Volkov. From Galois to the Universal Calabi-Yau Algebra: towards an unification of a complex geometry - 20min
  6. D. Demir. Conformal flavordynamics on compact hyperbolic manifolds - 20min

    Coffee Break. 17:35 -- 17:55

  7. A. Nersessian. Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics on plane and sphere - 20min
  8. M. Grigoriev. Noncommutative gauge models and deformation theory - 20min
  9. Yu. Vernov. Generalized Heisenberg algebra and its regular representations - 20min
  10. I. Tipunin. Unfolded form of conformal equations in d-dimensions and Weyl modules over o(d+2) - 20min
  11. S. Vernov. The Painleve Analysis and solutions with critical points - 20min

Monday, June 3

Plenary Session. 10:00

  1. J. Chwastowski. Physics results and future plans of ZEUS experiment - 40min
  2. K. Chetyrkin. R(s) in pQCD in NNNNLO: status and perspectives - 30min
  3. B. Ioffe. Distribution of valence quarks in hadrons at $Q^2$ in QCD: theoretical method of calculations - 30min

    Coffee Break. 11:40 -- 12:00

  4. V. Abramovsky. TBA - 30min
  5. I. Montvay. The price of light quarks - 30min
  6. C. Rebbi. Spectroscopy with the overlap Dirac operator - 30min

Parallel Section 1. 15:30

  1. K. Postnov. Link of cosmic Gamma-ray bursts to stellar evolution - 20min
  2. D. Singleton. Electrons as quasi-bosons in magnetic white dwarfs - 20min
  3. A. Gvozdev. GRB from Black Hole with accreting disc and strong magnetic field - 20min
  4. I. Ognev. Influence of strong magnetic field on neutrino driven mechanism of Supernova explosion - 20min
  5. A. Kuznetsov. Could the process of neutrino photoproduction on nuclei, stimulated by a strong magnetic field, compete with URCA processes? - 20min
  6. E. Babichev. Fading of chiral cosmic strings to vortons - 20min

    Coffee Break. 17:30 -- 17:50

  7. E. Mikheeva. Observational constraints for inflationary models - 20min
  8. D. Semikoz. Neutrino oscillations in the early Universe - 20min
  9. L. Volkova. Charm production and atmospheric neutrinos at high energies - 20min
  10. M.Masip. Ultra high energy cosmic rays and new physics at the TeV - 20min
  11. O. Kalashev. Ultra high energy cosmic rays from neutrino emitting sources? - 20min
  12. S. Troitsky. TBA - 20min

Parallel Section 2. 15:30

  1. J. Baacke. Spontaneous symmetry breaking in QFTh in and out of equilibrium - 25min
  2. B. Kerbikov. BCS-Bose crossover in color superconductivity - 25min
  3. N. Agasyan. Low-temperature relations in QCD - 25min
  4. V. Skalozub. Effective expansion parameter near the phase transition temperature near in the O(N)-model - 20min
  5. A. Yung Towards QCD-like confinement in Seiberg-Witten theory - 25min

    Coffee Break. 17:30 -- 17:50

  6. D. Grigoriev. Proton decay in Skyrme-monopole system - 20min
  7. D. Tchrakian. Gauge and gravitational systems in higher dimensions - 20min
  8. O. Pavlovsky. Soliton solutions of Chiral Born-Infeld Theory and baryons. - 20min
  9. V. Kiselev. Spinor algebra transformations as a gauge symmetry: limit to Einstein gravity - 25min
  10. A. Ovchinnikov. Asymptotics of correlators in the XX- spin chain - 20min
  11. O. Shvedov. Correspondence of states and observables for BRST-BFV, Dirac and refined algebraic quantizations of constrained systems - 20min

Tuesday, June 4

Parallel Section 1. 10:00

  1. P. Baikov. Advanced methods of multi-loop integrals calculations: status and perspectives - 25min
  2. A. Kaydalov. From soft to hard diffraction - 25min
  3. A. Kataev. Bjorken unpolarized and polarized sum rules: comparable analysis within large-$N_f$ expansion - 25min
  4. Yu. Kalashnikova. Open questions of meson spectroscopy: data, phenomenology, lattice - 25min

    Coffee Break. 11:40 -- 12:00

  5. I. Cherednikov. Instanton contributions to quark form factors - 20min
  6. S. Liuti. Quark-hadron duality in inclusive and semi-inclusive proton scattering - 25min
  7. A. Likhoded. Power suppressed terms in heavy meson production - 20min
  8. S. Alekhin. High twists and the NNLO QCD corections in DIS - 20min
  9. S. Kulagin. Nuclear shadowing effect in neutrino scattering - 20min

Parallel Section 2. 10:00

  1. A. Barvinsky. Braneworld effective action and massive gravitons - 20min
  2. M. Gogberashvili. Brane gravity from bulk vector field - 20min
  3. S. Dubovsky. TBA - 20min
  4. M. Vysotsky. Relativity and $c/ \sqrt{3}$ - 20min
  5. G. Gabadadze. Axions and vacuum structure in QCD - 20min

    Coffee Break. 11:40 -- 12:00

  6. M. Vasiliev. Higher spin conformal symmetries in $Sp(2n)$ invariant space - 25min
  7. D. Levkov. TBA - 20min
  8. A. Khokonov. The tunneling and vacuum instability study beyond Instanton Gas Model - 20min
  9. D. Grigoriev. Resonant amplification of electroweak baryogenesis - 20min


1.Social Program.

2.Round-Table Session of INTAS Projects and Results.

Wednesday, June 5

Plenary Session. 10:00

  1. E. Poppitz. Small-instanton amplitudes in gauge theories with compact extra dimensions - 30min
  2. A. Marshakov. Nonabelian confinement in SQCD - 30min
  3. A. Vainshtein. Long range forces and bound states of supersymmetric solitons - 30min

    Coffee Break. 11:30 -- 11:50

  4. D. Kazakov. TBA - 30min
  5. G. Pivovarov. Light-front quantization of glyodynamics - 30min
  6. Yu. Simonov. New developments in the Field Correlator Method - 30min

Parallel Section 1. 15:30

  1. N. Krasnikov. Search for supersymmetry at LHC for nonuniversal gaugino an squark masses - 25min
  2. Yu. Pirogov. Why Higgs is light? - 20min
  3. P.Q. Hung. Pure phase mass matrices from six dimensions - 20min
  4. D. Espriu. Wave function renormalization and flavour mixing - 20min
  5. Coffee Break. 16:55 -- 17:15

  6. A. Pankov. Model-independent analysis of four-fermion contact interaction at $e^+e^-$ colliders - 20min
  7. B. Ermolaev. Sudakov logarithms at the theory of the electroweak interactions. - 20min
  8. V. Dokuchaev. Decay and annihilation of heavy particles in dark matter clumps - 20min
  9. A. Smirnov. Bounds on scalar leptoqurk and scalar gluon masses from current data on S,T,U - 20min
  10. F. Bezrukov. TBA - 20min

Parallel Section 2. 15:30

  1. V. Ritus. The symmetry, inferable from Bogoliubov transformation, between pair creation by mirror in 1+1 space and single quantum radiation by charge in 3+1 space - 25min
  2. N. Mikheev. Electron mass operator in a strong magnetic field and dynamical chiral symmetry breaking - 25min
  3. E. Kuraev. Electromagnetic processes in heavy ion collisions - 25min
  4. A. Studenikin. Neutrino oscillations in moving polarized matter - 20min

    Coffee Break. 17:05 -- 17:25

  5. M. Chistyakov. Photon damping in strong magnetic field - 20min
  6. A. Koshelkin. Dynamics of Bremsstrahlung formation at multiple collisions of particles in matter - 20min
  7. E. Narynskaya. Neutrino - electron processes in magnetized plasma - 20min
  8. D. Rumyantsev. General n-vertex amplitude of one-loop process in a strong magnetic field - 20min

Thursday, June 6

Morning: Social Program.

Plenary Session. 15:30

  1. A. Mironov. Integrability in string/field theory and all that - 30min
  2. I.Sachs. Tachyon condensation in String theory and Field theory - 30min
  3. G. Gabadadze. Cosmological constant and brane induced gravity - 40min
  4. A. Gorsky. High energy QCD: stringy picture from the hidden integrability - 30min

    Coffee Break. 17:40 -- 18:00

  5. I. Arefeva. String superstar as Moyal product - 30min
  6. G. Dvali. TBA - 30min
  7. S. Sibiryakov. TBA - 30min
  8. J.-M. Frere. TBA - 30min

Friday, June 7

Plenary Session. 10:00

  1. R. Tafirout. Latest results from SNO - 40min
  2. V. Gavrin. TBA - 30min
  3. Z. Berezhiani. Hidden Sector, Baryon Asymmetry and Dark Matter - 30min

    Coffee Break. 11:40 -- 12:00

  4. I. Volovich. Black hole creation in high-energy scattering - 30min
  5. R. Rattazzi. Transplanckian collisions at future accelerators - 30min

Evening: Social Program.

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